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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Final proofs and new website

Hi, y'all. Whatever 'ya'll' actually bother stopping by here these days since I've been so lax in the posting. Well, I've been proofing galleys in between an overtime intensive work schedule (and the kittens...the KITTENS!) and am happy to say that the final proofs are approved, signed off, and MFH is going into print. I'm also working with my surfing pal and web-design savvy friend Leslie on www.danafredsti.com and will probably have traffic to this website directed there as soon as it's up and running.

I realized that as a writer, I damn well better start writing again. I need to publicize my book, I need to have some discipline all the way around. No more whining, no more kvetching. I'll let ya know when the official 'Dana is a REAL writer' website is up. It'll have a wordpress blog section entitled Zhadi's Tales (you DO all know that Zhadi is short for Schherezade of 1001 Arabian Nights fame, right?) and will be doing all blogging from there. I can't keep up with My Space and Vox and all the sites popping up for socializing and posting. It's all gonna be centralized. www.danafredsti.com.



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