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Monday, August 13, 2007

Latest Guilty Pleasure

GHOST WHISPERER. Yes, Maureen has gotten me hooked on GHOST WHISPERER. It's worse than being addicted to CHARMED. I've never been a Jennifer Love-Hewitt fan (watching I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER made me want to take that girl in hand and stuff her like a Christmas goose - too skinny!), although I had nothing against her. And there's also something just a LITTLE too TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL in the first season...but it's strangely compelling. I mean, ghosts, small town atmosphere, all the female characters wear really cool clothes. JLW's character, Melinda, has a wardrobe I'd kill for (if I was 10 inches smaller in the waist) and her husband is a honey and generally has his shirt off at least once per episode. Let's face it, the man is a woman's fantasy husband - always understanding, accepts his wife's ability to talk to spirits without question, pours her wine all the time, and did I mention he takes his shirt off at least once per episode?

Okay, I'm really easy. I accept that now. And I understand from Maureen that the second season turns scary. It's not just about sending lost souls into the light with tearful happiness. There are malevolent forces opening up cans of ghostly whupass on our heroine. I can't wait. As long as her husband continues to remove his shirt and pour her wine, of course.

Very easy.


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