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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Posting for Mr. Fabulous

If you haven't visited Pointless Drivel (and it's hard to imagine anyone NOT having visited this amazingly warped and funny site at least once 'cause Mr. Fabulous IS the funniest blogger on the 'net at this time), go there now! For one thing, as mentioned, it's just really funny. For another, he gave MURDER FOR HIRE: THE PERUVIAN PIGEON, an extremely nice endorsement. He is one of four people who have already ordered a copy and I think that's pretty nifty! Some of my friends and family are waiting for it to be out on Amazon.com or in stores, which is also cool. I'm just so chuffed that anyone actually wants to order it (like, pay money for something I wrote). I mean...wouldn't you be?

I'm working on finishing up content for the website. We have DEAD MEAT, which I believe is the first Irish zombie movie, on for background and I would recommend this to anyone liking the zombie genre. The cause of this particular plague of undead is a mutated strain of mad cow disease. Yes, there is a carnivorous mad cow in the movie. And it has one of the more chilling and disturbing endings I've seen. And it has zombies. Sue me, I'm easy...

Anyway, thank you, Mr. Fabulous, and now back to the website!

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