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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


A first for me, I've been tagged by the evil Other Lisa. It's a 'meme' thingee. I have no idea what the official definition of 'meme' is, but it has something to do with this tagging business.

I'm supposed to share five things that you don't know about me.

First of all, let's define 'you.'

'You' as I see it, are people who know me already. I don't have a huge blog audience and what with the infrequency of my visits to Blogland, I'm not exactly doing much to encourage a larger readership. And that's something that anyone who's read my blogs already know about me. I whine a lot about my busy schedule.

I'm still very busy - work has been challenging lately in terms of workload versus hours in the day. Or at least hours that I want to spend at work. I like my job, mind you, but I have eight cats and a dog at home that need my attention. They also generate a lot of fur and mess that needs cleaning on a daily basis.

hey, does the eight cats and a dog count as something you don't know about me?

No, probably not. I'm known far and wide as a crazy cat lady. I even own the action figure. She has eight cats too.

I also have to find time to exercise. I have dates with Billy Blank, master of the motivating kick-boxing videos. I have to walk Boska. Well, I LIKE to walk Boska - we go to the beach together and check out the surfers. Well...I check out the surfers, she checks out the dead sea bugs and assorted carrion that washes up.

After I'm done tae-bo-ing and washing up, there's dinner to attend to. By the time that's said and done, I don't have a lot of energy for writing. But I'm trying to balance it all out and make the time, even if it's just a few minutes here and there.

This week is challenging because we're having a party Saturday. A Thirteenth Night Party that involves wine, food, and good friends. Other Lisa is coming up from Southern California, as is Pete, who is an excellent cook. Pete will be cooking the main dish for the party and supplying other tasty gourmet treats. He's also bringing his son, Ernie, who is a de facto godson to me and Brian. Ernie loves zombies and noir. Ernie reminds me of my little brother back when he still thought that I had something to say that was worth his time to listen to.

It's nice to have Ernie in my life. He calls me with girlfriend issues and to read me the first chapter of his new noir story. I find him obscure zombie movies like DEAD MEAT, a recent Irish release that I first saw at the Hole In the Head Horror filmfest here in San Francisco. We have discussions about the merits of slow moving zombies versus the ones that run. It's kind of like having a second chance to be an older sister and be more aware of the impact a person has on those around them. Using my powers for good and now for evil or something like that.

Can you tell I'm tired?

And I think that my relationship with Ernie is number one on the list of things most people don't know about me.

That being said, I'm gonna cheat and give you second on the list tomorrow night, after Dave and I finish our evening's housecleaning in prep for the party. We've portioned out the tasks over the course of the week, a little each evening so we have time to relax and watch things like DESPERATE CROSSING, the story of the Mayflower's voyage. We TiVo'd it back in November and still have one hour left to watch.

Tomorrow...two hours on a bus back from Grad Night without a bathroom break after taking speed and drinking lots of soda while at Disneyland, and the hideous consequences.


  • At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oops. I think you need to switch over to the new Blogger. I keep commenting and it's not working.

    I was gonna say something like, "One story a night - very appropriate for a blog named Zhadi!"

  • At 2:17 PM, Blogger zhadi said…

    heh...very true! And I will switch over to the new blogger...grrrrr....


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