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Friday, July 14, 2006

Random Posting

Heh...I told Mr. Fabulous that he could blog about his grocery list and people would still efuse over it...so he took me up on it and posted his grocery list. And said some VERY nice things about me as well. Started my day out on a good note, thank you, Mr. Fab!

Didn't post anything yesterday 'cause I had a busy work day, a headache on top of it, and my internet connection at home is being very wonky. Something to do with the ethernet cable or router port. Not sure. So I'm trying a USB wireless thingee - ordered it for 20 bucks, plus a 10 dollar rebate. I'll let ya know if it works or not.

Still busy at work, so I'm gonna post a picture of me and Mo in our heyday (salad days? Does that mean the days when we were thin?).

This is one of our Murder for Hire publicity photos that we used as our Christmas card that year. Murder for Hire, y'see, is not just the name of my mystery novel. It's also the name of the theatrical troupe that Mo and I had for several years. We used to do walking tours in La Jolla for the Raymond Chandler Festival, as well as performances of The Peruvian Pigeon, our pastiche/parody of...

Oh, come on, do I really need to spell it out?

Anyway, more on MFH later. It's worth a post or two...as is my stint as a Deadite in ARMY OF DARKNESS. I promised Malnurtured Snay that I'd post a picture of my sword...and I will! Patience, Snay...patience!


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