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Monday, May 15, 2006

So Far This Week

My refund check from the IRS came in the mail, I finished the latest batch of rewrites on CHILL with nary a grumble during the writing session, my wardrobe is holding, and I was just told that they're gonna offer me the job here!

Happy Dana!

Other news, my boyfriend Dave Fitzgerald has finally written something his blog. His friend put it together for him a few months ago...and there it languished, no posts, no profile...just a picture and a justifiably snarky comments about his prolific blogging. I'm not expecting him to post too often as he's nearing the home stretch (forgive the sports metaphor) on the first draft of his book. But at least there's info in there now, so check it out!

I'm gonna get my butt in gear and write the promised post tonight. I realize this gives new meaning to talking (or writing) out of one's ass, but whatever gets the job done...


  • At 6:42 PM, Anonymous J. Branch said…

    Congrat's on the job offer.

    Condolences on the IRS refund. A tax refund is an interest free loan that you gave the IRS. The ideal situation should be to owe no tax, and get no refund.

    As for the CHILL re-writes, I'm still playing catch-up... has anyone bought it yet?

    Glad to hear everythings been peachy.


  • At 8:30 PM, Blogger zhadi said…

    Hey, J! And...have we met? Danis?

    Anyway, Chill has been optioned by a company and hopefully this round of rewrites will generate a paycheck. oh pleasepleaseplease...

    I used to work for the IRS and agree with you 100 percent. But I'm still pleased to get something back instead of owing this year...it's a novelty.

    Peachy. It's nice to be peachy for a change!

  • At 8:57 PM, Anonymous J. Branch said…

    Have we met? Hmm. I'm not telling.

    Yeah, I forgot you used to work for the IRS. Maybe you could share some of those secrets for not getting audited? Only one I can remember is.. don't make a lot of money. But that's no fun. :(

    Good luck with Chill.

  • At 9:23 PM, Blogger zhadi said…

    Oooh, you're being secretive and that just drives me mad! MAD, I say!

    But I'll figure it out. Not that your blog gave anything away...

  • At 10:04 PM, Anonymous J. Branch said…

    It (my blog) should've given a lot away. That it didn't might just prove you just weren't paying attention. I mean really how many people do you know living back east?

    You will figure it out. But when you do, please don't post it here. I like my anonymity.

  • At 8:52 AM, Blogger zhadi said…

    Well, I think I know. So if I'm right and you have two cats, tell me and I'll keep it a secret. I actually know several people living back east...but not in the south. So...that narrows down the field.

  • At 4:18 PM, Blogger FreeThinker said…

    Now if Dave can only write a post (or two) for 2006 ... time to crack that whip again!

  • At 4:50 PM, Blogger Redzilla said…

    Wait! You GOT a refund from the IRS? I'm telling you, I think I'm going to give up being a working class type and become some kind of CEO. I here they get kick-ass tax breaks.

  • At 12:38 AM, Blogger Other Lisa said…

    I got a refund too. It's the mortage interest deduction and property tax deduction that did it for me...Red, I'd think you'd get that too?


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