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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Not a button today...

It was the zipper on my skirt.


And it's not like this is a tight skirt. I wear it all the time for that very reason. No, the zipper had just reached the point where the teeth lose their grip and start separating. It starts at the bottom and works its way up till there's a nice gap instead of a closed zipper, the color of my g-string exposed for the world to see.

Ah well, I handled the zipper incident much better than I did the button popping of yesterday. I just pulled the zip part down and back up again, pulled my shirt down over it and hoped for the best. It held till I settled back in my seat on the Muni, then slowly separated once more. Luckily I was wearing a jacket that covered most of my butt, allowing me to walk the three blocks to work without showing off my undie color choice when I got off the train.

A few stitches with some buttonhole thread and my skirt is once again secure. But I'm wondering what tomorrow's wardrobe disaster will be. I'm tempted to wear something with no buttons, zippers or closures of any sort, but that's just asking for a seam to give, ain't it?

The irony of both these incidents is that I've started getting up at 5:30 each morning to do my tae-bo workout so I'll have more time in the evenings for writing and relaxation. I'm supposed to be feeling thinner here, not like Miss Fatty Bulge Butt, who can pop buttons and rend zippers with one deep breath.

Ah well. Next post will be about my lovely weekend reunion. I've kept Debbie and Judy waiting long enough!


  • At 5:30 AM, Blogger Mr. Fabulous said…

    Miss Fatty Bulge Butt--was she DC Comics or Marvel?

  • At 11:02 PM, Anonymous J. Branch said…

    I still don't understand why "undie color" choice should be such a big deal. I mean why make a big deal about picking and chooseing if you don't plan on people seeing them?

    If a person wasn't planning on showing it off, then they'd just be wearing whites (or whatever the standard color was) and hopefully without the addition of any of "natures colors." (eeewww) ;)


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