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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Glass Half Full

I think my attitude is definitely improving. I had, while not precisely a wardrobe malfunction this morning, a definite crimp in my choice of outfit when the dress I wanted to wear proved to be just a little too tight through the hips and waist. It looked nice. Not tight enough to be considered hootchie-mama. Just tight enough, especially when I sat down, to make me realize that if I wore it for eight hours, I'd be a cranky bitch.

A really cranky bitch with low blood sugar. I knew I wouldn't eat to compensate for the constant reminder of ungiving fabric around my tummy reminding me that yes, there was a bit of a tummy there instead of flat Billy Blank tae-bo abs.

Did I rip the dress off over my head in a hysterical frenzy? No. I announced very calmly to three of my cats and my half-asleep boyfriend that I'd be miserable if I wore the dress, took it off and placed it neatly on a chest before choosing a more comfortable wardrobe option.

The top I picked, while not stinky pits ripe, was slightly redolent of sweaty Dana. I was running late by this time, so I spritzed it with some lavender scented linen spray. Unfortunately I did this while I was wearing it. Lavender linen spray stings. A lot. But I smell Grandma perfumey fresh.

My point here is that the Dana of last week would have ripped the seams of the dress in her self-disgust, stomped on it...then worn it anyway and fixed the seams at work. This week's Dana saved herself the fun of threading a needle with rapidly deteriorating close-up vision and didn't scare her cats or her boyfriend with a temper tantrum.

Instead of looking at myself as overweight, I see my dress as just a little too tight. Which is just enough incentive to get me up at 5:30 tomorrow morning for a visit with Billy and his ultimate abs.

Ah, Billy Blank...is there nothing your tae-bo workouts won't fix?


  • At 5:42 PM, Blogger Mr. Fabulous said…

    This sort of personal growth really annoys me, since I have yet to get to exercising like I keep saying I'm going to.

    Don't leave me behind!

  • At 7:55 PM, Blogger zhadi said…


    You're a morning person. If I can get up and exercise without too much pain...so can you. C'mon, Mr. Fab, catch up!

  • At 8:21 PM, Blogger CP said…

    Ugh. Morning people scare me. Truly. You perky nutjobs, pre coffee, affect my equilibrium.

    Don't be so hard on the hips and the thighs, dollbaby. Curves are to be embraced, not erased.

    So there, nyah, says the fat chick.


  • At 10:30 AM, Blogger zhadi said…

    I love other people's curves, but when it comes to my own...i get grumpy. Ain't that just perverse?

    I'm not really a morning person either...so my exercise is done in a pre-awake state. Kinda zen like...

  • At 12:35 AM, Blogger Other Lisa said…

    It's just the belly thing. I go, "where did this come from??" I know, actually. Beer and wine. But...


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