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Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday Cat'n'Dog Blog

Boska and Foster
Originally uploaded by zhadi.
I'm a cat person. But Boska, the Rottweiler/Aussie Shepard mix that I got at the humane society, is the type of dog that even cats like! When she's happy, her entire backside wiggles - I call it the Lamboska or the Boskanova. She's living in Los Angeles with Brian right now...I'm gonna bring her up to visit and see how she likes walking on San Francisco beaches. Foster, who's living with me, would snuggle up to Boska and knead against her stomach.

Foster has several nicknames, most notably 'Bobble Head' (his blue eyes are slightly crossed, so when he looks at something, his head shakes ever so slightly back and forth like one of those bobble head toys in the back window of a car) and the Marshmallow Pig. He has a disconcerting habit of stalking some of the other cats (he has it in for Tsavo), fixing them with that blank blue-eyed gaze, and going after them as relentlessly as Michael Myer in "Halloween." Kind of a cross between a killer mime and The Terminator...


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