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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Flippers for Feet

Originally uploaded by zhadi.
When I first got Scaramouche (referred to only as 'Mouche now), he was a tiny little thing that a friend found cowering under a pallet in her backyard, during a pouring rainstorm as her dogs tried to get at him. He was sick with ghiarrdia, a nasty intestinal infection which causes severe diarrhea (something about these words with 'iarr' in the spelling just ain't good for the digestive system) and made Mouche a smelly little gas bomb.

Even as scrawny and sickly as he was, Mouche's paws were always oversized. With his gold eyes and snow-shoe feet, he looked like a miniature lynx. I thought he'd be huge when he finished growing, but the rest of him has never really filled out to match those flippers. I am, however, happy to say that the feline flatulence has ceased.


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