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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Reign of the Rat

Reign of the Rat is a fun read, all about a 'super leprosy' plague loose on the world. Lots of fun, gory details, with plenty of action, romance and a twist of mystery tossed in for good measure. It got a positive endorsement from Robin Cook (Coma, Terminal), king of the medical thriller. Published by Adlib Books, an independent publishing company, it's already gone into its second printing. You can order it off the Adlib website, Amazon.com, and many local booksellers.

The author, Gil Smolin, is a Bay Area local (and was also one of the favorite guest speakers ever at the San Diego Mystery Club). So if you like a good, fun read, buy Reign of the Rat and support a local boy (if you're from the Bay Area). And more importantly, support new and exciting authors and independent publishing! Save us from the evil Airport Book Rack Triumverte of King, Koontz & Clancy!


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