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Monday, June 13, 2005

Jaguar Babies!

I just found out that Annie, one of the jaguars at EFBC, had babies two weeks ago. When I started volunteering at the cathouse, Annie was four months old. She and her brothers, Doc & Cisco, were all about as big as medium-sized dogs, full of mischief. We called them 'the blockheads' because when they got excited (which was pretty much all the time), they'd run back and forth, colliding headfirst with a clonking noise that sounded like two concrete blocks hitting each other.

The smallest in the litter, Annie was definitely the boss of the trio; she used to sit on Doc while they were playing in their pond, requiring the keepers to intercede before Annie drowned her sibling. She had to be separated from her brothers when Cisco ate one of their toys (a tire) and had to have an operation to remove rubber from his innards. Annie played too rough to stay during Cisco's recovery period, so she was moved to her own enclosure in a different part of the compound.

After an initial rough readjustment phase, Annie settled quite happily into her life as a single female until...Nacon, a handsome young male jaguar from Mexico, came to EFBC looking for a hot mama to call his own. Obviously the married life agrees with them...and so far the word is that cubs and mama are doing fine!


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