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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Holidays!

I'm in San Diego, spending the holiday season with friends and family, and just wanted to wish everyone the best possible Christmas and New Years! Not sure if I'll be posting any more while I'm down here (I tend to try and cram as much as possible into my trips down south, which doesn't leave a lot of time spent on the computer), but my New Year's resolution is to stop being depressed and get my creative groove back. So there, nyah!

Oh yeah...and be more mature too!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Team America...Fuck Yeah!

Which is apropos of nothing other than the fact that I've been waiting NINE MINUTES for the previews on my DVD to end so I can watch the movie. Jeez louise...and fer crissake, already!

I had grandiose plans for the evening. Get h0me, feed the kids, clean the house, go buy cat food and wine for gifts, come back home, tae-bo, shower, cook dinner, eat, wrap presents, work on my Christmas projects OR hang up clothes and do yet more laundry.


I did manage to get through all of it up to the eating of dinner. But after a session of Advanced tae-bo (the classic advanced workout that's only available on VHS, the one where you just KNOW that Billy Blank is really watching you)...

hee....puppet martial arts battle here...

...anyway, I showered, cooked, ate...and am now collapsed on the couch with a serious of case of the 'you must be kidding' whenever my conscience suggests I do something useful. Nah. That'll happen tomorrow.

And hey, I'm posting! I have a kitten on my lap, a glass of Chevere (imagine the accent mark over the second 'e'), a lovely cabernet with a label that sports a picture of Che (another accent mark, please!), and TEAM AMERICA playing. And if you don't think TEAM AMERICA is funny...well, just go away, please. You obviously never watched THUNDERBIRDS in your youth and think that George W. Bush is a good president.


Go away.

I'm gonna cross-post this over at my new Vox blog. I will not, however, use a red font against the dark gray background as my poor blind sister has complained that she can't read it.

Here's the big question, folks. Can my parents possibly get over the vulgarity in TEAM AMERICA and enjoy one of the best satires on the jingoistic patriotism of the Bush Administration? I'd have to fast forward through the unedited puppet sex scene, of course...but I think it'd be worth a try.

What do ya say, Mom?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New Blog

Yup. You read correctly. I'm starting up a new blog at which I'm going to be cross-posting some of my stuff or, as in this case, writing something completely different for each blog. Why, you might ask, am I doing this when I'm already so far behind in my posting? Well, I'm hoping it'll help break up the creative constipation I've been suffering from for the last...oh...year? Either that or the pressure will kill me and I'll feel like even more of a failure than I already do.

I blame Redzilla, who invited me to join Vox. I trust that she'll clean up the splattered brain matter if my head explodes.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pale Dreamer cast

Pale Dreamer cast
Originally uploaded by zhadi.
I had the best of intentions of doing a post that wasn't based around one of my pictures on Flickr, but since blogger.com isn't cooperating (the connection keeps failing, according to the error message), here's a little piece of my past. If you're a horror movie buff, you'll recognize Ken Foree from DAWN OF THE DEAD, Josef Pilato from DAY OF THE DEAD, and Brinke Stevens (Scream Queen Extraordinaire) from many many cult horror films. In between Ken and Josef is Angel Boris, Playboy Playmate. And in between Brinke and Ken is yours truly with darker, curlier hair and minus about 15 pounds. We're talking about 10 years ago, people!

Anyway, this was a photo shoot for a movie that didn't get made, although we did film a trailer for it. The script was written by me and Brian and I'd be proud of it even if we hadn't had the awesome cast for the project.

More on this later. It's time for the work Christmas party! WINE TIME!!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Originally uploaded by zhadi.
I haven't posted in ages, so I'm easing back in with the ubiquitous cute kitten photo.

This is Raven, the latest addition to our family. She wasn't feeling well when this was taken, but content to hang out on her mommy's lap (that's me, of course) and get attention. She's up and running at full speed now after a week on anti-diarrhea medicine and a special diet. We still have to feed her separately from the other cats so that they get a chance to eat their food without her diving into each and every bowl to sample the fare. Grass is always greener in the next food bowl...
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